Key Bond Considerations

Key #1 - Enrollment Growth

The Echo School District currently has 13 3 students in the elementary school and 14 7 students in the middle / high school. This school year, our enrollment has increased by 35 students, an increase of 22%. Also this year, the district had to add an additional kindergarten class. We are always excited to welcome new students to our di strict, but with more students comes the need for more space.

Key #2 - Safety and Security

School Safety has become a priority. In November, Chief Stuart Roberts, Pendleton Police Department, working with the IMESD, toured Echo Schools and made a list of important safety recommendations for students and staff.

  • Secured Central Entrance
  • Card Lock Access to all doors
  • Replace video camera system
  • Exterior Fencing and Gates
  • Alarm System
  • Signs, Flashers, Crosswalks for School

Key #3 - Instructional Facilities

Science Classroom & Lab

A new science classroom and lab would be integrated with the new Career Technology and Agriculture classroom to facilitate cross-discipline learning opportunities for:

  • Biology and Disection
  • Animal Science Necropsy
  • Botany
  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Science
  • Physics

Career Technical & Art Offerings

  • Building Trades
  • Plasma Cam/Metal Art
  • Agriculture
  • Workplace Skill Development
  • Robotics
  • Student Enterprise


The one area of instruction that controls the entire education schedule at Echo is PE. Echo offers PE for kindergarten through grade 12 every day. The state mandates a minimum number of hours of instruction for PE. This requires having multiple classes of PE in the gym at the same time. Our current gym is occupied from 6:00am until 9:30pm daily for PE and athletic practices. On weekends athletics and community use are a scheduling challenge as well.

A second gym would enable Echo to expand opportunities for our students and our community.

Elementary School Accessibility

The elementary school was built in 1952. Two classrooms were added in 1980. Improvements would include:

  • Handicap Accessible Restrooms
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Reading Room
  • Title I center
  • Security Upgrades
  • Staff Work Area

Key #4 - District and Community Facilities

The district has been working with the Echo Senior Citizens to make their vision for the Pioneer Senior Center a reality. project would incorporate space to serve as a:

  • Community meeting center with prep kitchen
  • Fitness and health center for student and community use
  • Common area for community events and meeting
  • Athletic commons for games with video streaming
  • Games and Tournaments concessions area

Key #5 - Bond Costs

The Echo School District passed a 20-year bond that began in 2003. Originally, this bond was $3.53 per $1,000 of assessed property value, but was re-financed in 2012 to save taxpayers money and is now costing $2.21 per $1,000.

Bond History Bond Amount Rate/$1,000 Construction Project
1978 20 year $1.5 M $3.67 JH Classrooms, Science, Home Ec, Locker Rooms, Admin
2003 20 year $3.3 M $3.53 New JH HS, Cafeteria, ADA
2012 Bond Refinance $2.18 M Balance $2.83 Saved taxpayers $200,000
2015 Tax Rate   $2.21 Most Recent Rate
2016 18 year
Qualifies district for a $4 M State Match Grant
$4 M $3.02 Safety, Career Tech Ed, Gym
Community Center
Elementary Upgrades

The cost of the new bond will be an increase of 81 cents per thousand and extends the length of the bond by approximately 10 years. The new bond rate would be $3.02 per $1,000 assessed property value. For example, for a $100,000 home, the annual taxes would be $302.

Bond Costs Comparison

  With Match
$4.0 Million Bond
Without Match
$8.0 Million Bond
Current Bond Rate $2.21 $2.21
New Bond Increase $0.81 $2.83
New Rate Through 2016 $3.02 $5.04
  • 2003 Initial Bond Rate - $3.53
  • 2012 after Refinance - $2.83
  • Brings $4 million from the valley back to our community

$4M Grant + $4M Bond = $8M Project

The OSCIM grant money is contingent on the Echo School District passing a General Obligation Bond this May. If voters in Echo pass the school bond on May 17, 2016, for $4 million, the state will give the district an additional $4 million, for a total of $8 million to be used for district schools. If the bond does not pass, the school district will not get any money from the state.


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