Our Values: Academic Performance, Opportunities, and Support Programs

Goal:  Improve academic opportunities and support programs designed to increase overall academic performance.

  1. Second steps program in the elementary school has been implemented.  The program helps teach students decision making skills. 
  2. The “Cougar Pride” program designed to reward positive behavior continues.  Students who perform academically or socially positive acts receive points.  The points can be redeemed for prizes. 
  3. The “Friday Enrichment” activity days have been well attended this year.  Activities include field trips, extended learning and just plain fun outings. 
  4. Support staff hours have been increased this year in our Special Ed and Title one departments to help students in English and Math. 


  1. The school utilized numerous parent volunteers to help with support of programs. 
  2. Friday enrichment programs were held during the school year. 
  3. The school has a college credit program, where the school pays tuition for college credits. 
  4. The school provides links to learning sites on the web-site that students and others can use. 
  5. The school has a character trait program.
  6. The school has a Cougar Pride program where students can earn points for good works. 
  7. The school has had many enrichment field trips, including a trip to the Zoo. 
  8. BUG reading program. 
  9. Reading counts program. 
  10. Reading buddies program. 
  11. RTI reading grant, to improve the school district reading program. 
  12. The school district is a leader in technology implementation.  Much of our technology is specifically designed to improve learning. 
  13. The school district has several mobile laptop labs that are used in instruction. 
  14. Read across America program. 
  15. Collaboration across disciplines for project or assignments is at an all time high.  The school has developed a scheduling system to encourage this collaboration. 
  16. The school has a developed dual credit program. 
  17. The school sponsored several field trips for interested students to trade schools or colleges. 
  18. Second steps program. 
  19. STARS program. 
  20. The Spanish club sponsored several activities. 
  21. The school sponsored student visits to other school homecoming activities to generate ideas to improve our schools homecoming. 
  22. The county health nurse visited the school to speak about public health issues. 
  23. The school sponsored a trip to Portland that included many academic activities. 
  24. Cabela’s field trip. 
  25.  Business class sponsored numerous class related activities. 
  26. Math Counts competitions.
  27. Knowledge bowl competitions.