Our Values: School to Community Communication

Goal: Develop programs to increase community involvement in the schools and involvement in the city, using, as a central component of the plan, partnerships with city and community organizations.

  1. At the first night of parent teacher conferences, a survey was electronically available for parents to fill out. 
  2. Press release was sent to media with Echo SD comments regarding the new state diploma requirements. 
  3. The new automatic calling system is up and running.  It has been used to deliver attendance reports to parents and other community information.
  4. The city web-site link is up and running on the school web-site.  

2006-2007 Activities

  • A community service day was held on May 10th. 
  • Teacher blogs contain updated information on class activities. 
  • Weekly parent newsletters are sent home. 
  • On the secondary level, progress reports are sent home weekly. 
  • An Arbor Day celebration was held in conjunction with the City. 
  • A day long science fair, with exhibits for parents and students, was held. 
  • As part of the Arbor Day celebration, an award was presented to the City.
  • A community Talent Show was held. 
  • A community technology night was held. 
  • A community education program was started. 
  • A community Fun Run was scheduled. 
  • The school helped to raise money for an artistic horse to be placed on the overpass.
  • A skate park fundraiser was held at school.
  • The school raised fish for ODFW as part of a partnership. 
  • A recycle program was coordinated and supported thru the school. 
  • The school participated in the planning for downtown Echo. 
  • The school reviewed the City park plan. 
  • The school participated the LEAP project. 
  • The school participated in PTA fundraising projects.  
  • The school held a canned food drive competition for needy families. 
  • The school staff donated Christmas gifts to needy families. 
  • The school industrial tech department spearheaded efforts to build toys for needy families in Eastern Oregon. 
  • The school participated in a program to write encouraging letters to the Echo Company, stationed in Iraq. 
  • The Careers class participated in ongoing community service for an area family. 
  • The school hosted an AAU basketball tourney. 
  • The school will host a summer basketball tourney. 
  • The school participated in “Brain Gym” with parents. 
  • The school held an Ice Cream Social for Title one parents. 
  • The school participated and attended the Children’s Rodeo. 
  • The ACE car club helped numerous area families with car troubles. 
  • The school hosted a Car show, sponsored by ACE car club. 
  • The school hosted an area Knowledge Bowl tournament. 
  • The ACE car club prepared a car to be raffled by the PTA as a fundraiser. 
  • The school facilities hosted community events ranging from fundraisers to Blue Birds. 

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