The Suggestion Box

Suggestions Overview

During the development stage of the Echo SD most recent goal and vision update, we asked staff, parents, community members and other interested parties for suggestions.The suggestions were discussed and used to develop the most recent update, the vision statement.Here is a list of the suggestions we received during that process.Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!

Suggested goals

  • Improve the gym
  • Improve the athletic Field
  • Improve the grounds
  • Install drinking fountains in all elementary classrooms to reduce hallway clutter.
  • Have a 90% turnout rate for open house (all grades)
  • Win the Big Sky sportsmanship award at least once in the next 3 years.
  • Build a second gym/covered play area
  • At least once in the next 3 years have 100% of the 5th grade meet benchmark in science.
  • Remodel the science lab
  • Build a dry shop attachment to the shop
  • A general increase in support from area residents at sporting events and school activities
  • Greater number of choices of classes, AP or otherwise for students
  • General year by year improvement in CIM achievement
  • Increase in the number of clubs and activities available to students at school who aren't involved in sports
  • Stay current with computer applications
  • Create a strong business program
  • Begin and keep a student store.A place where students can purchase Echo Cougar Merchandise from small to large, $ to $$
  • Begin a spring fair created by the students for the students where fun activity competitions are held and other schools are invited to compete.Competitions such as: paper airplane, egg drop, homebuilt soap box races, chess, band, picnic style games, board games, essay, art, etc...Also where the clubs can raise funds by selling certain products to those who compete, participate, volunteer, and watch.
  • Develop an intervention program to prevent children from leaving school
  • Increase the number of books in the library
  • Increase the number of student lead projects at school to build pride

Suggested Values

  • Supportive programs for lower elementary students (those who are high achievers and low)
  • All teachers making their classroom climate conducive to learning (eliminating bullying)
  • Both families and teachers working together to make school a successful place for kids.
  • Students, teachers and families have Cougar Pride
  • The community is proud and supportive of our school
  • High achieving students have more options to continue their challenges
  • High academic expectations of all students coupled with support to meet those high goals
  • High expectations for student behavior, with rewards and supports for those who exhibit good behavior
  • Fair treatment of students, parents and staff
  • Consistent application of school policies
  • School should be a safe place for all students
  • Pursue excellence in all programs, settle for nothing less
  • Support teachers, show appreciation to staff and encourage them
  • Firm, but fair discipline with clear and consistent parameters
  • Develop students who show respect towards fellow students and staff
  • Staff should work closely together
  • Technology available to all students, in keeping with current trends
  • Caring staff that are positive role models for the students
  • Drug-free campus
  • Community oriented student body that participates in joint opportunities with private industry
  • Echo schools will understand and address the educational needs, and personal needs as they impact education, of each and every Echo student on an individual basis.
  • Echo schools will be a visible and active partner within the community.
  • The staff at Echo schools are able and willing to recognize the individual educational needs of students, and serve at such a level that they are recognized state-wide for their leadership and the success of their students.

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