Important Flood Damage Information


It’s extremely important for those impacted by the 2020 flood to document damages to their home or business. 

  1. Make sure to take some time-stamped photos of the damage for reporting purposes. Keep notes and receipts.
  2. Report damage to your insurance company.
  3. Report damage to the county: Homeowners, renters and businesses are asked to use this website to report damage to the county: This information will be used to capture the community and financial impacts of the flood to request ongoing support from the state and the federal government. Reporting damage to this site may not result in direct financial assistance, but it will help the county access potential resources to help our community.)
  4. Share this information with neighbors who may not have access to the internet and help neighbors with mobility or technical limitations provide damage reports.

Damage Assessments for government agencies and qualifying non-profit organizations (Public Assistance)



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