Staff Directory




Smith, Raymon Superintendent
Palmateer, Mandy Business Manager
Holman, Keith Principal/Shop
Gehrke, Beth Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Denning, Brenda Administrative Assistant
Hulett, Rachel Counselor
Short, Tammy Kindergarten
Fisher, Teddi 1st Grade
Parker, Billie 2nd Grade
Campbell, Jessica 3rd Grade
Owen, Brytni 4th Grade
Thew, Rick 5th Grade/Art
Scott, Janice Title 1, 5th grade
Royer, Debbie 6th Grade
Russell, Brandi MS Math/PE/Science
Cooper, Brenda MS Reading/Writing
Bacon, Becky Curriculum and Instructional Coach and District Testing
Schmidt, Shana Science
Cox, John HS Social Studies
Estrada, Amador HS Math/Spanish
Vander Veen, Brooke HS Industrial Arts
Hubbard, Emma HS English
Campbell, Ben K-12 PE/Health
Frazier, Janna K-12 Music
Sherbahn, Pauline K-12 Special Ed
Reese, Pamela MS/HS Reading/Writing
Walker, Don JH/HS Math
Walker, Kayla Preschool